Drake and Lil Wayne Have Reportedly Discussed Another Joint Tour

Drake and Lil Wayne
Drake and Lil Wayne performing in Chicago on their joint 2014 tour. Credit: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Drake and Lil Wayne might be discussing another joint tour. The first tour they had together was in 2014 called “Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour” and it took place in the US during the summer. It was posted already on instagram and many Instagram followers got crazy about this idea. Drake’s former manager Cortez Bryant mentioned the tour in Brian Miller’s Art Of Facts show and said the second tour might be in the planning stage. He said that his favorite tour was “Drake Vs Lil Wayne” and that the concept was “crazy”.

He meant the app that the fans could use to give Drake or Wayne “power-up”. Cortez Bryant said that Drake came up with the plan and they called it “Street Fighter”. Bryant thinks it was a great concept and the graphics and content were very interesting. Cortez Bryant remembers having fun every night and thinks they need to do it again. Drake will soon release his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ in the upcoming months.

Drake is going to collaborate with Nike for a new Merch?

Selling merch with albums became so popular that almost every new album means a new t-shirt line. Artists like Taylor Swift, Travis Scott, the Creator, and others have done it. Drake is going to try something different. Selling his new album “Certified Lover Boy” with merch is not enough. Seems like he is collaborating with Nike for something more serious than that. Maybe even a collection that will seemingly include: a jacket with a heart pattern, a white cap with a lipstick kiss, t-shirts, and socks. Other pieces will be released with the album and will have the lyrics or the album initials printed on them.

Some people don’t even know whether Drake’s new album was written to promote Nike or Nike is promoting “Certified Lover Boy.” Yet according to some sources, the line might only be for Drake’s friends and family. Nike has previously released hoodies along with the album “DAMN” and a tour of Kendrick Lamar. Kanye also released his fashion pieces with The Life of Pablo. Drake’s collaboration with Nike is the product of those events.